About Us

About Us

Gronewold, Bell, Kyhnn & Co. P.C. was founded with the merger of two well established Atlantic, Iowa certified public accounting firms. Our primary service area is western Iowa, although we perform services for clients in all parts of Iowa and beyond.

Simply stated, our firm's mission is to help our clients attain their financial goals through quality of service, to form lasting relationships and to acheive professional satisfaction by performing to the best of our ability. Our niche in the profession centers on providing services to health care providers, the agriculture industry, and small businesses.

Since compliance with today's complex and ever-changing tax and business regulatory laws is difficult(and becoming more so), we assist our clients in understanding and applying these complex rules in their business and personal affairs.

The firm's extensive and practical experience, in both accounting and tax compliance, offer clients a two-fold advantage: we help firms successfully operate and expand, while minimizing taxes to retain profits. In other words, we help our clients make money and keep it! 

Why we do it

Above all, we place a premium on timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy. 

Our commitment to excellence is evident by the selection of our staff, continuing education programs and research resources. More over, we make a commitment to the individuals in the firm to assist them in becoming mature and well-rounded people. As a result, we attract and retain exceptional people with a balanced view of life and business. 

To ensure quality control, we participate in Peer Review Program sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and have always recieved an unqualified opinion --- the highest awarded. 

How We Do It

Keeping up is not enough; we strive to stay ahead and lead. 

To ensure professional leadership Gronewold, Bell, Kyhnn & Co. P.C. maintains active membership in the American Institute of CPAs and the Iowa Society of CPAs. 

What sets us apart from other CPA firms in that we are large enough to serve a wide client base, yet small enough to provide personal service. Because of our size and varied backgrounds, we have the ability to handle virtually any business. Futhermore, Gronewold, Bell, Kyhnn & Co. P.C. strives for excellence in everything we do and is never satisified with anything of a second class nature. We will continue to develop unique, innovative and progressive ways to serve our clients.